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emberonic final small

Emberonic; a plausible story

23″ x 23″
Mixed Media on Acrylic
Date 09.21.2016

Un-moored, we cycle between raw visual delight and our inescapable compulsion to find patterns, explanations or meanings. As evidenced below, the possible narratives are infinite.

The Whole Story in Text

Flying from orange to blue

I’m turned around, face to ground
I’m watching what you say and do
I fly away from another day
I fly from orange to blue

You sing and dance
You love and fight
You’re light is heat
You’re heat is light

My back is nuzzled by the cold
My feet still kissed by fire
It will be said I was getting old
so I tell you now, before I tire

Embryonic is how we start
Emberonic as the fire goes out
Despite our fear of the other hue
There is no line between orange and blue

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