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A plausible story

36″ x 49″
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
GPS 38.071097, -122.529782
Date 05.22.2017

Legerdemain Story

They hung around and around, dancing, teasing, bickering. “Who dreamed you? Who dreamed me?” It could have been the sugar ponies who conjured the magic glasses, but does it really matter?

The woman inside the girl always ran the show and she always picked the painter.

She spoke for the crew, their requirements were fixed.

Improbable colors on skin and hair, nails and tails, iridescent, inescapable. Luxurious invitations to linger, red raspberries with blue blood below milky skin, small shivers, hooves and hats of imperious smoke. Dewy and salty rainbows of light. Girlish Goosebumps. 

They demanded, “Devine Static” She demanded magic.

Legerdemain performance-  visualocd.com/legerdemain

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