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Snow White

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Snow White;
A plausible story

24″ x 60″
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
GPS 38.071097, -122.529782
Date 05.22.2017

Snow White Story

She asked herself over and over,
How much longer could she perform?
Yes, the role had been created for her,
and yes it still paid the bills,

but she worried lately if it was, in fact, she who had been created to fulfill the role.
Like a broken pair of stilettos that have grown painful beyond all measure,
the part, just when it should have been retired,
has surged to the fore obliterating what remained of her aspirations.

Her performance is now self-defining, leaving her constantly suspended somewhere between elation and exhaustion, wondering if this has become her final act and knowing for certain that the show will never close.

Snow White performance – visualocd.com/now-white

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