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A plausible story

Mixed Media on Wood Panel
GPS 38.071097, -122.529782
Date 2.01.2018

Thanks To
Myra Pantoja for the modeling
Rosita's Story

Their collaboration had marked the high point of her career and their unwavering loyalty earned an invitation to join her in a new life.

They settled into a routine and ultimately she would live for decades with the doves as her only companions, her friends, her partners in titillation. Their adoration helped ease the love lost when she left the stage.

In a salmon-colored bungalow behind a spray of bougainvillea, under a ceiling of palm and eucalyptus, she policed the gardens with her retinue in tow. They whispered: you will never lose your charms.

And Together they sang

What’s my line?

Where’s my mark?

Chirp – coo – whistle

You’re just fine

It’s never dark

I can flirt

I still have the look

Chirp – coo – whistle

Your charms are safe

We’re on alert

Not to worry

Not to fret

Beauty flees

But not just yet

Do you love me?

Will you stay?

Chirp – coo – whistle

Yes, forever and a day


Background Notes

Rosita Royce

Life and Times http://blog.playfulpromises.com/blog/2012/4/25/burlesque-past-and-present-rosita-royce-and-her-doves.html

NY Worlds Fair http://www.1939nyworldsfair.com/Ponderings/Rosita_Royce.htm

“What I do is something beautiful. I try to make pictures. I try to make striking formations with my doves.” Rosita Royce

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