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Tiger Bomb

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Tiger Bomb

Tiger Bomb;
A plausible story

40″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Acrylic Sheet
GPS 38.071097, -122.529782
Date 01.22.2017

Un-moored, we cycle between raw visual delight and our inescapable compulsion to find patterns, explanations or meanings. As evidenced below, the possible narratives are infinite.

A Story in Text

A tiger grazed the painting.
He slipped his showy stripes.
He Brushed them with his fur and smeared them with his jaw.
He Brushed them back and forth,
swabbed and daubed them with his paw.

He left his stripes
He left his prints
his mischief he left behind.
And an un-expected hint of violence
he left for us to find.

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