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The Idea

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The IDEA; a plausible story


40″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Acrylic Sheet
GPS 38.071097, -122.529782
Date 03.21.2015

Un-moored, we cycle between raw visual delight and our inescapable compulsion to find patterns, explanations or meanings. As evidenced below, the possible narratives are infinite.

A Story in Text

It’s on it’s way, I’m sure it will come
and when it does I’ll know it.

It may be buried in in a jumble of noise-
competing thoughts, mis-guided musings, slightly off course.
But in between Faulty ideas and despite countless distractions it is

forming before my minds eye.
I see its boundaries still merged with confusion.
It’s guts are taking shape.
An idea born in darkness
Rising from the deep.

It’s here It’s here

It’s there, no it’s here
It’s bad, no it’s good
It’s bad no good.
It’s here

Given time it could be better maybe even great.
Regardless, time is up and it’s on it’ way.
I’m hoping it’s ok.

It’s gone it’s gone
It’s gone

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