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30′ x 30″
Reverse painting on Acrylic Sheet
Silky Curves (see video)


Thanks to:
Madison Mendez, San Francisco
Liviu Raican, Tulcea, Romania

Video Text

Evidently there was an interesting arrangement of large cement pipes clustered near the back of a railroad construction yard, patiently awaiting their turn as temporary vessels of moving poo. For some unknown reason, the pipes caught his attention. There was a pristine elegance in the geometry of their virgin state which was sadly at odds with their disturbing fate.

And too, looking at the pipes he had the uncomfortable impression that someone had just departed or might shortly return and catch him in the act of stealing a scene.

He told me he knew there was never really any possibility that he could capture those milky curves and bend them to his purpose. Still I supposed he had to try.

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