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Passion Particle

Passion Particle

18″ x 30″
Reverse painting on Acrylic Sheet
Painterly zeal (see video)


Video Text

At the core of the painting we find evidence of a highly charged element, a kernel, a particle of what can only be described as passion.

Whether the result of an intentional artistic effort or just a fortuitous appearance, its remains are permanently embedded, although cleverly concealed, within the purported boundaries of the piece.

The particle may be a manifestation of some outside visual encounter or a more indirect experience resulting from imagination, visions, vague impressions, emotional revelations, sexual encounters or political fervor. The documentation is unclear on the subject of inspiration but leads us to believe its arrival was expected, or at least hoped for.

Shamelessly self-indulgent, its presence oscillates somewhere between contemplation, celebration and obsession.

One can only assume it attests to the peculiar sensibilities of the artist.

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